Security Vulnerability Assessment

EPS security consultancy and risk assessment reflects high-level professionalism, integrity and innovation and will remain a choice standard for security consultants. Our team shall help our client plan, design and enable a safe and secure environment for their business to thrive today, tomorrow and in the future. Our team’s approaches are not only intuitive, but based on highly experienced investigative and researching skill as a prerequisite for ensuring a full proof risk assessment for our clients.

Subject Risk Assessment

Our clients could request for location risk assessment given the current security risk rating of the area or region. These assessments could also involve, profiling of a suitable secure hotel services in a region and assessing the level of security preparedness in the event of an incident or emergency.

EPS Subject-Risk-Assessment solution seeks to ensure that our client executives enjoy a safe stay in any location, hotel or region where they are present or operate. Evergreen Protective Services shall continue to be innovative, proactive in delivering a robust subject risk assessment and continuous updates throughout the period of operations.

Private Investigation & Profiling

Evergreen Protective Services performs background investigations and pre-employment screening for our clients that identify potentially harmful behaviour and practices. Evergreen Protective Services uses a myriad of resources to collect information and provide classified reports.

Security & Saftey Training

Evergreen protective services offer a comprehensive security-training program with seminars tailored to meet a client’s specific requirements that may include advance derived from U.S military, Nigerian Military and Federal Agencies.

Training focuses on, but not limited to:

  • • Communications
  • • Laws, constitutional, criminal and civil
  • • Report Writing
  • • Professional Image
  • • Ethics and Conduct on Duty
  • • Fire Prevention
  • • Property Control
  • • Patrol Procedures
  • • Public Relations
  • • Customer Service
  • • Access Control
  • • Emergency preparedness
  • • Incident command
  • • Emergency Evacuation
  • • First Aid, CPR
  • • Bomb Threats and Suspicious packages
  • • Use of Force

Supply Of Security Equipment

In collaboration with our foreign partners, EPS has the capabilities to supply all kinds of security protective equipment and devices for various applications, which ranges from law enforcement gadgets, equipment for industrial uses, private investigation and public safety services. We supply all kind of Vest both tactical and military grade bulletproof type for law enforcement, Walk through metal detector, Handheld field scanner, Speed barrier, Binoculars etc.