Armed and Unarmed

EPS shall provide professional well-trained and motivated elite operatives that have undergone our stringent recruitment screenings and intensive Private Guard security training modules. After the 2-weeks training, security personnel should have passed the over 60% mark on test assessment. Moreover, before they are deployed to client locations, they shall be properly briefed on client’s location specific policies and Guard Post Orders (GPO) in accordance with the contract SOW.

This is the customized client-specific training which we refer as Contract Guard Training (CGT) Course. EPS uniform security officers in accordance to the Contract Guard Training shall be duly briefed on client specific duties, which shall be applicable for varied deployment.

The areas of deployment comprise:

  • a) Residential Security
  • b) Estate Security
  • c) Border Security
  • d) Marine Security
  • e) Airport Security

EPS shall provide armed security officers - members of the Nigerian Mobile Police Force and the Armed Forces to secure client’s executives and critical infrastructure especially in a high-risk zone. EPS Armed guard force will be under the direct command and supervision of their base commanders (UCs) with the obligation of ensuring that client facility is protected from any form of security threats. EPS shall ensure that Mopol officers adhere to client Post Order (PO) as they dispense their duties.


EPS offers professional trained concierge for Hotels, Gate Houses, Apartments, Condominiums, hospitals and Businesses. Our Concierge make life easier for visitors, Quest, tenants, clients and vendors by showing them the gateway to City they are visiting.

Our concierge consistently promotes a positive, professional image of the client property and provides excellent customer service at all times. They serve as the first contact for client property, and provide a high-quality services to include, taking messages, arrange and give advice on transportation needs, monitor visitors and request for housekeeping and maintenance services.

K9 Unit

EPS K-9 handlers search for suspects and physical evidence with trained dogs as their partners. The Unit is blessed with handlers who are certified, sociable, determined, strong willed, eager, dedicated and committed towards training and having a good k-9 partner. K-9 training consists of Basic Obedience, Advance Obedience, Distance Control, Hand signal and Commands.